Tour de Pelso 2011

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We hope that this year you will be a participant in either Lake Balaton Marathon (200 km) or Tihany Tour (76 km).

We are confident that you will find all important information on the pages.

First you can get acquainted with the development and short history of the marathon.


The "ancestor" of the marathon was first organized in 1991 under the name of Azúr Hotel Cup, then it was given the Latin name of Lake Balaton " Pelso" on the "christening".
This international cycling competition used to last for 3 days and was made up of 5 sections and the field cycled round Lake Balaton 16 years ago for the first time.
As years went by, only the longest one, the classical 203 km long section remained out of the 5 sections.

We decided 9 years ago to make the competition open and make the challenge possible also for amateurs.
Now besides competitors, those wishing to go on a tour can also fulfil the course of 200 km.

We were of course aware of the fact that not everyone would undertake to fulfil the marathon course, therefore we pointed out 2 other shorter and definitely for touring suitable courses - Tihany Tour 76 km; Panorama Tour 25 km - and routes - both on cycle-paths and routes suitable for cycling.
Thus, everyone can estimate his
/her strength on the course which is the most suitable for him/her, and we may also meet them in a year or two on the most challenging courses.

The comprehensive name of the three different cycling programmes is
Tour de Pelso.

It has become Hungary's greatest spare-time road-race programme from the beginning.
We are expecting 2000 participants on the shore of Lake Balaton in 2011.

We are looking forward to welcoming you too in the marathon!

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detailed programme:

Lake Balaton Marathon BALATON MARATHON; Tihany Tour TIHANY TÚRA; Panorama Tour;